What We Do


  • Our goal is to provide quality horses to those who appreciate the value of a good horse.It is not our practice to simply buy and sell horses.  We instead prefer to acquire quality horses and develop and polish them to be superior horses.
  • Our approach to training is very detailed and focused.  The horses are developed using natural & classical horsemanship techniques.
  • Decide what a horses strong suits are and customize a training program for that horse.
  • Do a complete health and soundness evaluation and develop a plan of correction.
  • Evaluate basic handling and ground manners, then implement a training strategy and a plan of correction if needed.

What We Can Do For You

Our goal is to develop a versatile horse, whether it be in the arena, over obstacles, or on
the trail, in a trusting and willing way.

  • Stand while being tacked, tied, and groomed.
  • Stand while being mounted.
  • Take a bit softly and willingly.
  • Be soft in the pole and mouth.
  • Develop collection and balance.
  • Work off leg pressure willingly
  • Help you to have a harmonious relationship with your horse.