Hello, on e again riding the WHF brand, made me proud, what a fabolous mare Missy is😍

Hi ted, this is part of our regular ride with our Windy Hill rock stars. That’s Carol on Ringo, Sue on Elvis, and our friend on her brown and white. Can’t beat vermont in the fall.

Captain and I
He’s my best friend
Scraped his nose on something, he’s so curious. Love this beautiful horse with all my heart. I ride him bareback a lot, we love being together.
I can never thank you enough Ted. He’s my dream horse.
– Satisfied Customer

My 86 year old grandmother on Dallas (a Windy Hill Farm horse!)

This is one of Ted’s horses I got from him 2 years ago. She is a dream like all of his horses.

Windy Hill Farm is that

Windy Hill Farm is that one of a kind experience! My husband and I decided to sign up for the boot camp and when I made the phone call I was surprised to hear Ted (the owner) actually picked up and spoke to me about everything we were looking to do and what we wanted to accomplish! I find that to be very rare these days ~ usually if they say call you will hear a secretary or perhaps even a voice recording, but it was very refreshing to hear the actual owner pickup and care so much about his farm and who was wanting to come visit! He then put me in touch with Nicole and she is absolutely amazing!!! We had a few different phone conversations and text messages to get to know each before we even made the trip out to Ohio ~ these people are just wonderful!
Once we showed up from the time we walked into the barn to the very last day, we always felt very relaxed as the entire experience is so peaceful and calming ~ I absolutely love how everyone there handles and trains these horses, it is top notch and five star worthy! Nicole was very patient with us both and always willing to listen to what we had to say as well. We were always made to feel priority for the short time we were there and whenever there was something new to experience we got a front row seat to watch!! Absolutely wonderful people and that part of the country is beautiful! I would visit them again in a heartbeat ~ take the boot camp, you will love everything about Windy Hill Farm!

I have been following Ted’s

I have been following Ted’s YouTube videos for a couple years to advance my horsemanship and I have been trying to find a suitable high quality leather saddle for some time. When I re-watched his saddling video, he mentioned that he keeps some saddles on hand for sale. I have talked to him a couple of times in the past and he has always been generous with his time and sharing his experience. I was at a loss trying to find a good quality saddle as I have had some cheap junk in the past. I decided to give him a call and turned me on to a very high quality USA made custom leather saddle with a round skirt, non-padded seat and heavy duty tree and horn. I bought it sight unseen and trusted him and boy did he send me a great saddle a few days later. The smell and thickness of the leather is unparalleled.You can work in this saddle or trail ride and the color is just perfect. It is extremely comfortable and fits both my 15 hand quarter horses. The aluminum stirrups and back cinch are top notch. I love it. The price was very reasonable for the quality. He said it was modeled after a saddle that he has that’s nearly 70 years old! The one that you see in the videos.

I am now the proud

I am now the proud owner of Chip, 07 Haflinger that was bought from you by Laura Chick. He was having allergy problems from mold in Florida so he now lives in Missouri. Been doing some great trail riding on him and learning so much on him. Hes a great horse. Was trying to learn more about him if possible. Have his date of birth on his paperwork. My horse friend where he lives figured he was probably registered since they had his actual birthdate. Would love to know more about his background if u have anything u could share. Love watching the videos you have online of him. Has helped me learn all the things he can do. Attaching a photo taken today after our 3 hour trail ride. Really love this guy.

Hi Ted! I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank-you for all you and your team do to bring good and safe horses to people like me.
I never fully appreciated horsemanship until recently. When we go riding or do anything with our horses, I quickly realize, I’ve got a real gem with Shiloh. He’s so responsive to me and treats me so well. I’ve never felt nervous or scared with him. He’s got a gentle mature spirit and that’s what I needed.
When I ridec.f., I think of you all and what you’ve done with him that’s helped me to be where I am now. He’s amazing!!  – Satisfied Customer

I absolutely love my filly by Chocante ! She is by far one of the smartest, sweetest and most athletic horses I have had the pleasure of owning. He defiantly passes his incredible traits on to his off spring and anyone would be lucky to have a foal by him!

Hi, Ted-
Here is my heartfelt testimonial in support of your farm for bringing Jolene into my life. (I know she was “Misty” at Windy Hill, but my barn already had a Misty.)
I was distraught and disappointed when I reached out to you. I had purchased a horse from a different farm, and he was not a good fit. I needed a horse that was reliable for me so I could lead novice horses or inexperienced riders on trail rides. I was grateful that you were willing to trade my gelding for this wonderful Appaloosa mare who has such a gentle spirit and who is a natural babysitter. Jolene is everything that I wanted in a horse, and she will be a friend for life! Thank you, Ted and Windy Hill.   – Kim


Thank you for sharing your horsemanship skills. It has been refreshing to find a teacher of horsemanship rather than a showman.  Your quiet demeanor, knowledge base, and breaking your instruction down to simplest terms is so helpful. Thank you! I have taught at the middle school level for over twenty years, and the parallelism between guiding students and horses is uncanny.  It really is on both accounts about gentleness ant trust. I think every teacher should watch your instructional videos and thread them into their classroom management plan.

We bought this beautiful paint mare (formerly Krystal) June 2017. It’s been over a year now and she has done exactly what I had hoped for. Fit into our family. I wanted alone outdoor time with my stepdaughter in a chaotic teenage girl life. Maya allows us together time, free from cell phones. She is polite and a great horse! Grateful for Ted and would buy another from him again. Thanks Windy Hill Farm!

I purchased my haflinger, Copper, about 18 months ago, after a long respite following an accident. It has been a grand adventure returning to my love of horsemanship. Ted and his staff (particularly Brittney, and Nicole) have been so patient, and supportive during the journey. They are brilliant in their ability to calm both horse and rider, and share the art of “the language of horsemanship”. Looking to change your entire world of horse ownership??? Look no further than Windy Hill Farm!!!

I went on a 2.5 hour night time group ride with the Haflinger I purchased from you Ted DeHass. It was supposed to be “moonlight” but ended up complete darkness. I am proud to say that “Chip” now named Fraggle, was in front of the herd and navigated the dark like a pro!! There were 17 riders total and it was so much fun. We are on the far right side of the photo!

I have to say, I’m truly enjoying this paint gelding I’ve named Shiloh from Ted DeHass (Windy Hill Farm)!! He’s very special and treats me so well! We had a wonderful couple days riding in Shawnee too.

My Bravo is a Dream Horse for me! We make a harmonious pair! Snow Man, My Unicorn Horse, Love Dove, My Carousel Horse, pictures to come!! Horse Heaven is all I can say.

A truly astounding group of horse people! Giving their support to a fat, old lady with love, and compassion! I did not have even one moment of negative energy around me!!!

I bought 2 wonderful horses from Ted. He is one of a kind. I have also learned so much on his videos and they have helped me know the training that went into them. I just can’t say enough about the experience of visiting his farm and picking out the right horse. The second one I had him ship to me only having seen her in pictures. She is as sweet as the first one. Thanks Ted

This is Ted DeHass …. one of my dear friends in my barn where I ride HIGHLY recommended him to purchase/ and or train horses as well as look into his UTube videos …. or attend his clinics about horsemanship….. after meeting a horse named Trigger I informed his owner about Ted DeHass… and as of today Ted DeHass is coming to pick Trigger up on a 13 hour a Journey to come get him…. and take him back to his setting at Windy Hill Farm …. in OH to work with Trigger… Not only does this show compassion but without Ted DeHass ( Trigger) wouldn’t have a chance to be the horse that I know he can be!!!!! We are blessed to have been referred to Ted DeHass of Windy Hill Farm and I’m proud of his owner to give Trigger the Chance he deserves to be who I know he can be 💕🐴💕… I see a wonderful future for Trigger and have the most respect for Ted DeHass 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Well I have been riding My Bravo!!!
Oh My God He is Truly Amazing!!!
He has been welcomed into the herd as of a couple of days ago. He was so cool and calm with the other horses that when they couldn’t dominate him, they backed off. He politely held his ground. And he won them over! They love him!!
He does know me now as I have been riding, grooming and hanging out with him and the others. We are hands on around here.
I absolutely Adore this boy so much!
I will let everyone know about your horses! If I ever buy another it will be from you!  – Satisfied Customer

Thank you again for today! Its been a long road to find the perfect horse. Your honesty and straightforwardness is truly refreshing! I appreciate it immensely!! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!  – Satisfied Customer

Hi Ted, this is Devon Grosjean. Mayberry is the best little horse…I’d challenge you to find a better one 😊 thanks again, she’s perfect!

Thanks for connecting Laura to the perfect horse! Xo Cindy David Marilynn and Jake


Hi Ted! I want to thank you again for my Windy Hills Jewels! We have become great friends and are looking forward to many trail rides together!

Hi Ted just a few pictures of our first camping trip with Peanut to Hocking Hills, Ohio. The first picture shows Windy Hill horses Ginger Willow and Peanut inside 21 Horse cave.

Most Important Boot Camp Lesson…

I could see that you can accomplish a lot with your horses using patience and kindness. This is the most important lesson that I think I took away. In my quest to decide on what type of horsemanship skills I should develop, I have followed the typical clinicians on tv such as Craig Cameron, Julie Goodnight, and Clinton Anderson whose method seems to take a more aggressive approach to horsemanship. Something that I don’t think I can do or have the personality for. I hope to learn more in the future. – Satisfied Customer

Wonderful Boot Camp Experience…

The animals on this farm were all well cared for and treated kindly. I felt very physically and emotionally safe at this facility. I have had been at many horse facilities as a boarder, guest, or for lessons. I have never been able to say I felt physically and emotionally safe at any other horse barn. I observed all the guests were being treated with the same kindness I experienced. Thank you for a wonderful experience that was personally healing for me.

– Satisfied Customer


Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Boomerang. he is such a delight and a gentleman. Been trail riding him a lot!  I just can’t get over how wonderful he is. Thanks so much ted!  I hope Maili is improving! God bless.  – Chris

We bought a horse Blackie

We bought a horse Blackie ( now Branch) last year from Ted and we couldn’t be happier. Any barn or show we go to he gets noticed. We are beginner riders and he has not disappointed us on his training.
Ted and his staff were very helpful and wonderful to work with. Would recommend Windy Hill Farm to all.
Scott and Pauline.

I just want to give

I just want to give a big Thank You for having the YouTube channel and teaching us all about horsemanship. Ted you taught me to tack and untack my horses correctly, how to do more ground work and to work softly and slowly. Do more ground work before getting on their backs and it does work great!!! I have learned so much from your channel that I cannot put it all in writing but to say thank you thank you!
– Diana

Can say you are great people at Windy Hill and appreciate all the help you have given us over the years. After loosing my mom to cancer in 2007, I lost not only my best friend but the one who helped me so much with the horses and what to do if things go wrong. We have been blessed to have you guys to step in and help us out. Can’t say that about very many people in the horse world who sell you a horse then help you even years afterwards with problems that arise. God bless you guys! True Horseman and true family people.”   – Rachel

“My daughter loves Snickers!” -Satisfied Customer

Here is buddy!! He’s doing great in pony camp and loves the kids and loves to go on rides on the trail. He’s a really good boy!   – Satisfied Customer

I wanted to share this picture of Loki (Lonesome Midnight Traveler) with you and your wife. I purchased this black Missouri Fox Trotter from you 5 years ago. You told me that you train horses for multiple uses because you never know how a buyer will use the horse. I used Loki for trail riding for 4 years. I decided to start showing him last summer in addition to trail riding. We won High Point for the Gaited Horse Division last summer and again yesterday. In addition to the ranch horse show classes, such as ranch rail, ranch trail, ranch confirmation and ranch pattern, I also entered him in the obstacle challenge classes on an IMTCA-certified course. Loki won first in the Intermediate in-hand obstacle class and second in the Intermediate riding obstacle class.
Thank you for accepting this gaited horse into your training program
-Satisfied customer


First and foremost – hope all is going well in your neck of the woods.

I went with Delilah to Elkins Creek Horse Camp in Pedro, Ohio.  Teddy was fantastic.  The trails were muddy, sloppy and slippery in spots.  Both trails we explored started with about 30 or so incline before it leveled off (it never really was “level” lol). There were a couple downed trees that he stepped over without hesitation.  Another tree was considerably larger.  Teddy stopped – I was encouraging him – Delilah said trust your horse.  I could tell Teddy was thinking what to do.   He went left stepped over a smaller part of the downed tree with several branches, blazed his own path, and worked his way back on the trail.  All with no guidance from me.  I thought that was quite impressive.

Bottom line – thank you for a great horse!   One of these days I am going post something on the Windy Hill page about the wonderful experience I’ve had both  with you and so far with Teddy.

Thanks again – God bless!


First ride on Dream at home..she did so good!  -Sabrina

Good morning Ted!  Here are a few photos of Peaches & Carolyn for you & Brittany.  Carolyn adores her fluffy pony!

The girls are starting to settle in to their new home.  We are taking everything very slow while they adjust.  Peaches & Reagan are stuck like glue out in the pasture, and are much happier when they both come out together.  Hopefully they are enjoying all of the attention they are getting.  🙂

Talk soon,

Our first clinic together. I am delighted with my new girl, Penny. Thanks to Suzanne Marshall. Shira, Sugar Hill Stables and the wonderful group of women and their equine partners. Also thanks to Ted Dehass of Windy Hill Farm for doing such a thorough job preparing Penny. She is a tribute to your work.  -Satisfied Customer

A Wonderful Horsemanship Experience!”

Can’t wait to be back at Windy Hill Farm, these are the best people in my life. I don’t know where I would be with out them, they are not afraid to help me accomplish my dreams even though I have a disability. They are my other family and they believe in me, even when I don’t always believe in myself. Before I met Ted and his wife Kathy, I talked to several horse owners and asked if they would consider teaching me how to ride again. I have a spinal cord injury from C1-C2, every horse owner I talked to turned me away because of the reliability of my disability. One day I came across Ted’s page and I called and told him my situation, then he talked to my Mom and told her that he would take me on. Ted and Kathy are the reason that I’m able to make an dream become real life, Ted and Kathy has taught me that horsemanship isn’t just about getting up on your horse and riding. Horsemanship is connecting with your horse and being able to listen to one another, but also trusting each other. I’m so thankful that Ted and his wife have been brought into my life. Love you guys!😭❤️💯     – Gracie

Dear Ted and Kathy DeHass,
You advertise that you train horses for multiple purposes because you never know how the horse will be used. That has certainly been the case with my horse. I purchased Loki, a Missouri Fox Trotter, from you 5 years ago for trail riding. After practicing my equitation in an indoor arena during this past winter, I purchased a horse trailer and entered Loki in 4 horse shows just for fun. It had been 45 years since I entered a horse show, so it was an experience for both horse and rider. Our practicing paid off in both the gaited and non-gaited classes..I am proud to say that we won 9 first places, 6 second places, 4 third places, 2 fourth places, 2 fifth places and 1 sixth place. Our shining moment was winning high point for the entire gaited ranch horse division. I have attached 2 pictures from the gaited pattern class showing his collected and extended fox trot. Then there were times that I tried something new that I wouldn’t have been able to do without Loki’s training. For example, a gaited trail obstacle class required the rider to rope a fake steer. I have never roped in my life, so I wasn’t planning to enter. However, the judging was based upon how well the horse stood while the rider threw and retrieved the lasso. I knew Loki would stand still, but I didn’t know if he had ever seen a fake steer. So I bought a lasso, rode him into the practice arena and swung the rope around in the air as fast as a could. Loki didn’t move an inch. I held up a fake steer head and he ignored it, so I entered him in the class. Not only did I miraculously rope the steer horn, but we won first place.
I also enjoy your horse training videos on YouTube. Thank you for what you do for the horse riding community.
Hi Ted, I know that you probably hear this all the time, but I just want you to know that because of you and your farm and your videos I am having the time of my life. Your videos are priceless and I continue to watch them all the time. Betty is the sweetest horse and I can’t believe how much she knows! She meets me at the gate and loves to be pet. God has blessed me..I knew she was the right one that day in April when you brought her out. God bless you (He Has) and hopefully we will get to come out again. Give Kathy a big hug and let her know how much she touched our lives. Sincerely, Theresa
Hi Ted,
Just wanted to give you an update on Poppy. He is a perfect gentleman! I just adore him. I’ve been riding him 3 days per week and am teaching lessons on him 2 days per week. He is such a fun horse to ride. After having a week off, I took him out on our trails alone yesterday and he was the happiest guy! We cantered along the prairies and even saw some Sandhills cranes…he was very brave and didn’t spook at all. Just did a double take 😂. I am also having fun training him on our working equitation obstacles. The foundation you’ve given him literally make it possible to do anything with him! I am currently teaching 4 students (5 year old beginner, 6 year old beginner, 14 year old intermediate, and a 26 year old beginner). He is just amazing with all of them. Thank you so much for selling him to us! Here are a few pictures of him from today with my daughter. He walks right up to her in the pasture ❤️ and today she rode him at the walk by herself in a halter ☺️


My guy just continues to amaze me. Every time he takes me out for a ride, I get teary eyed and overwhelmed at how incredibly blessed I am to be the owner of such an incredible animal. He is indeed a TREASURE!! To both you and Monroe, thank you so very much for the time and effort that the two of you put into Porter (Master); the incredible amount of effort shows in everything he does.  Thanks Again Ted!  –Candy

Eunice & Scout (Freckles) crossed water together on our ride today.  Eunice had never crossed water on a horse before! Thanks so much Ted!!   -Satisfied Customer

I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their horsemanship skills! I don’t care who you are, there is always something new to learn more about horses and how you interact with them. Windy Hill has awesome instructors and horses! I can’t recommend them highly enough.  -Nancy

Hi Ted,  We recently purchased an 18 year old mare named Sassy Easter Belle, we call her Penny. Within minutes we knew she was the horse for us because of the ease with which she handled. It was obvious she’d had excellent training and had many tricks up her sleeve. We were curious about the WH brand and learned that it stood for Windy Hill Farm. After we researched what Windy Hill was all about, we realized how lucky we were to have her as our first horse. Thank you for turning out such an amazing girl so many years ago. We look forward to a long happy life with her.  Sincerely, Mary Ann

Wanted to share a picture of Reba doing what she does best. These girls love this mare and she takes such good care of them. Clover is doing fantastic as well.  -Satisfied Customer

So privileged to have one of your horses! Saint is my dream come true.  -Laura

Know how grateful I am for all your help and patience, but I need to thank you again for all of your kindness. Windy Hill Farm and its humans will live forever in my heart. You are kind, special people and I look forward to our continued friendship.  -Christine

If someone is looking for a good horse and help in finding a good one, Windy Hill Farm is a great option. Ted is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. You can’t go wrong!  -Lisa

I can’t say enough about Ted and his team at Windy Hill Farm. I was a horse owner that had lost their confidence. I had been through a few horses that were not the horse I had ridden when I purchased them I felt like I had the wool pulled over my eyes. I was discouraged and sad that I was not able to give these horses what they needed to get on the right path and that I did not have the horse I needed or thought I was buying. After searching the internet looking for methods of horsemanship to try and find something I could do to help get my horses to better places I stumbled across Windy Hill and my jaw dropped. I watched the videos in aww of these horses and the people working with them. I decided to give Ted a call and talk to him and boy am I glad I did!!! Ted talked with me at length many times. Talked through issues I was having with my horses and suggested a horse that would fit my needs. He assured me that the mare was fantastic and would more than fit the bill. Unlike my normal self I kind of threw caution to the wind and went with it! Best thing I have ever done for myself. I had never bought a horse site unseen and believe me I was nervous but I lived far away and it was too difficult to get there to take a look first hand. I had never met Ted or his team but something told me to go for it. Ted worked with me and even took my horse that needed work on as a trade to help with the price. He worked out the shipping and before you know it I had a new horse in my barn. The first day I tacked her up with anxiety and apprehension…this had to be to good to be true right?!?! Surely she would not be as good as the video right?!?! I got on and within minutes I had the biggest smile on my face. It was a face filled with joy! She was everything he said she was and MORE! Miss Reba wowed the socks off us. Within two weeks of having her we took her to two shows and she not only showed in adult under saddle classes and performed flawlessly but we also put a two year old on her for a lead line class and she carried that little girl like an egg on her back taking care of her. We knew immediately she was not only a keeper but we needed another one! We now have two Windy Hill horses and I can tell you we will never own anything else. All of our horses will come from Windy Hill from here out.  I can not put into words how easy Ted made the process and helped reassure me the whole way. He went out of his way to put the right horses in my hands and I can’t say a big enough THANK YOU to him and his team.  If you don’t have a Windy Hill horse yet get one! You will not be disappointed! Feel free to contact me I am happy to talk to anyone about my experience with Windy Hill if you have reservations buying site unseen. Trust me you won’t regret it!!

Dear Ted,
I wanted to let you know Annie and I are doing great!! I LOVE HER !! She is the best thing for me and she could not be more PERFECT!! She seems to be very happy and is definitely a lot more horse than she was when I tried her! So we practice very consistent horsemanship and don’t ask for more than I can handle!  I am taking lessons with my daughter, which is a blast, and she thinks Annie is a very cute mover! Annie is also PERFECT for my 2 babies!! Thank you for a wonderful purchasing experience!! And thank you for my new” BEST FRIEND”.  
Hope all is well with you and your family!   Sincerely, Suzanne

Hi Ted, we had a friend whose horse came up lame, so she borrowed Abby for a local clinic. The mare has been awesome.  Thought I’d share a couple of pics of her clearing jumps.  Just wanted you to know we are taking good care of her and having fun.  Thanks for all the work you put into her!  -Jan

Just wanted to share with you the Mother’s Day Fun we had with our Windy Hill Horses!!  God bless you and praying Kathy’s health is doing well!  I am not on Facebook anymore so I am not sure where she is in her journey but we are praying for her!  -Heather and Audrey

Just a special Thank you to some special people…..Want to Thank Mr. Ted for fixing me up with a perfect match for me……”Chisum ” is everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a horse…..I’m almost 60 and got out of riding for 35 years…..when I got back in it I have been through five different horses trying to get a kind, gentle, horse to do the little country shows with…..To say the least went through some pretty bad experiences plumb down to getting my back broke on a cold-backed horse that I so stupidly bought.
I learned the hard way that it is better to get a horse that has been well trained for safety as well as enjoyment…… Mr. Ted at Windy Hill Farms has just that and “Chisum ” was everything he said he was……
Once again a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!  -Phyllis

Upon becoming empty nesters my husband and I decided to fulfill one of our dreams and buy some horses. All I knew about horses was that I loved them and I knew little else. My first purchase was a horse which had been left to do nothing but graze for 5 years but his personality won me over. He hung all over me when I visited him and I was sold. I had a trainer work with him for a month, but he was still not happy about coming out of retirement. His temperament was not suitable at all for a beginner. I knew then I had made a mistake. I stumbled upon Windy Hill Farms just by chance on the internet. I talked to Ted on the phone about what my needs were and I felt like I had met a man who could match me with the right horse. He took my horse in at a fair trade price and matched me up with a horse that was far for suitable for a beginner. She is with me today after a year and our relationship has blossomed into what horse owners dream of. She has become my well love friend and I am attentive to her every need and warning of pain she tells me about in her horsey way. If you are new to horses and get scared from time to time, don’t worry, that will melt away with time and practice.
This is how I see what Ted did for me. I do not have the time to look at hundreds of horses for sale nor did I have the knowledge to select the right one for a beginner like myself. Ted on the other hand does nothing but look at horses to purchase. He has spent years around them and has the experience and know how to match horse and rider together well. I spent most of the day with Ted and his staff when he matched me up with Dreamer. She, unlike my horse, was far more obedient and passive than my large gelding. I may have looked for months before I found a horse as perfect for me as my girl Dreamer. They had spent hours of training with her on a daily basis. She knew what was expected of her and they knew her personality well.
What Ted will do is spend the day with you teaching you your horse’s signals. He is available by phone or email readily for any questions after purchase. You don’t usually get any customer service with the purchase of a horse. With Windy Hill you get that and more. You might pay a tad more for your horse at Windy Hill than you will if you hunt a horse down for yourself but we don’t have that sort of time to spare. I am very satisfied with my experience at Windy Hill. But, what remains true is that your success depends on your horsemanship. You have to put yourself into the work 100% and learn all you can about taking care of horses. You cannot be half committed. But if you are a true horse lover you can purchase a horse from Ted with confidence. I believe he won’t sell you a horse that is not right for you. He is in contact with me today well after a year later. Dreamer and I are jumping, trail riding alone, and all sort of arena riding. The more you put in, the more you will get out. Finally, I am actually living the dream!  -Rhonda

Dear Ted,
I am writing to you to thank you for my beautiful horse companions and and for your Handy Horseman series. I’ve had Duchess (formerly Pearl) for two years now and Cotton & Sweet Pea for one year. They are everything you represented to me and more. They are calm, well-experienced and very sound-minded. I trusted you and your advice and bought them sight unseen, and I have been thrilled everyday since they stepped off the trailer.
Your videos are also as extraordinary as the horse companions you provide. I like your plain-spoken delivery; I like your advice given in an experienced, carry-about-being understood manner that leaves me as a listener inspired and motivated. You think of things to share that I don’t know where a novice would otherwise obtain that information unless raised on a farm, exposed to truck-driving and have a whole lot of years of experience.
Thank you and please continue to make these videos. They are better than anyone else’s, and I like the opening shots now set to music. I will continue to use your series over and over.

Very Sincerely,


PS. You don’t sell horses — you provide Horse Companions! Can’t put a price on that!

Hi Ted and Kathy,
Thank you for Tank, now known as Sherman T (Tank) Potter. You matched me with a great horse; beautifully trained, light and responsive, safe, and with a wonderful personality and his spirit fully intact. You were spot on with your assessment that Sherman would help me get my confidence back and be a great partner for the new things I wanted to try, like western dressage and competitive trail riding. We’re having a blast refining our gate opening skill and playing with new obstacles. While Sherman knows (e.g., lateral movements), he can also be wonderfully uncomplicated for my even more not-so-confident friends that simply want to ride forward or go for a little ride around my place. Many thanks to Kayla Schlabach and her brother for delivering Sherman to Virginia safe and sound.

What wonderful young people, as are all of the Windy Hills horsemen/women.
I originally heard about Windy Hills from Mary Miller Jordan. Anyone who’s followed the Extreme Mustang Makeover, seen the latest Breyer horse which is her mustang, Lindse’s Faith, or seen her ride one of her mustangs bridle-less and bareback, knows this lady is one amazing horsewoman. I told her I was looking for a well-trained horse and that, after years of having horses in my life and riding, some recent events had wiped out most of my confidence. Mary suggested I contact Kathy and Ted DeHass and check out their horses. She told me that she’d ridden with Kathy DeHass during America’s Favorite Trail Horse competition and that Kathy was a very talented horsewoman and that her horses were beautifully trained. While checking out the Windy Hill web site and watching some impressive videos, I read Colleen Kelly’s testimonial. I’d seen one of Colleen’s bio-mechanics demonstrations with her horse Saint, a Windy Hill horse. With these two recommendations, I scheduled a visit to Windy Hill, was matched up with Sherman (then Tank) and the rest is history!

Serious horsemen, as well as satisfied customers, recognize the quality of your horsemanship and appreciate the amount of time invested in each horse. Also, many thanks for helping me find the right saddle. It was great being able to try so many saddles and I tried a lot of saddles! I really appreciated your assistance in outfitting us with a halter and bit. Ted, thanks for patiently answering my many questions about western tack, bits, saddle pads, spurs and on and on. Oh boy! Moving from English to Western was a big change for me and I had a lot to learn! Glad I made the switch! I greatly appreciated your taking the time to help me get introduced to Sherman and find all of the right buttons. Since I hadn’t ridden much in the past year, was recovering from recent knee surgery, was over 60 years of age, and had lost most of my confidence in a couple of mishaps, I had some significant challenges. I wasn’t about to give up horses and I’d vowed to do my best not to nag or micromanage Sherman. Thanks to your help, we’re off to a great start.

In recent years, I’ve attended many clinics and I can honestly say that I learned more and advanced my horsemanship more during the time I spent at Windy Hill. Kathy is a great teacher with a wonderful sense of humor and a playful way of making you push the envelope, Ted has an encyclopedic knowledge of horsemanship which he generously shares, and the Windy Hill horsemen/horsewomen are supportive and generous. I’d recommend Windy Hill Farm to anyone looking for a well-trained horse that has been brought along with natural horsemanship and a huge investment of time. I’d also tell them that you’re very good at matching horses and people. You want people to be safe and you want your horses to go to good homes. I loved Windy Hill’s transparency. Clearly you’re proud of how your horses are brought along and finished and delighted to have visitors watch your horsemanship. None of that behind the barn, horse adjustment before a prospective buyer arrives stuff; and unfortunately, there’s too much of that nasty business out there. Every one of your horsemen/women is talented and so kind and willing to help. I look forward to visiting Windy Hill Farm on my next trip to Ohio. So here’s my story; bought a great horse, became a better horsewoman, and made some priceless friends.

My very best to everyone at Windy Hill Farm,
Charlotte, PhD

They blocked the road so no cars could get by but Torque had no problem with this trail obstacle.

Hi Ted, I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort put into training these horses and ponies. This morning…due to human stupidity…Moses got his foot caught really bad in a piece of junk hay net that I should not have even used in the first place (we are waiting for better ones to come in). Rather than freak out and kill himself, he waited in that stall until I showed up and stood nicely for me to untangle him. I don’t think he was like that very long as I had just seen him outside, but the point is that being taught to respond appropriately to pressure saved his life this morning, and probably mine as well! Hope all is well with everyone, please tell Kathy hello!

Hi Ted, I just wanted to thank you giving me such a great experience at your farm. I appreciate your hospitality in putting me up in your bunkhouse and the time and attention you and Monroe gave me. Baron was an absolute blast to ride both in the ring and on the trail. Wow! Those trails are something special! The way Baron handled those steep, slippery trails was so cool! What a sweet, fun horse, and the training Monroe has put into him is absolutely excellent.  -Linda

So nice to hear from you and thanks for all the great pictures! Glad to hear the Jeff Sanders clinic was awesome. Maybe it will work out for me to attend the April of 2014 date. I don’t know where to start. Hope (now Tucker) is doing amazing! I must admit I have done a WHOLE bunch of fun on him since the day he arrived. The first morning after arriving I rode from the barn to the Metro Parks polo field where we met up with the Chagrin Valley Trails and Riding Club. Rode all over South Chagrin Reservation and then back to the farm, he could not of been more perfect!! I have ridden all over the Chagrin Valley with him through streams, past strollers, barking dogs, cars, even a roofing crew using a power nail gun, perfect horse! He is so brave and sensible. And when he is not being ridden the barn staff is always telling me about the cute things he does in the barn. The guys just love him when it is time to come in from turn out he runs up and practically puts the halter on himself Well, I could go on and on. I have already had 2 people in the barn ask if I will lease him, ha so funny!
Anyway, I just love him! You did an amazing job with him! I hope all is well with everyone at Windy Hill. My horses leave soon for North Carolina and then I head done after xmas. Remember to call if you are in the Raleigh/Durham area.
Stay in touch!! -Cathy (2014)

Dear Ted and Kathy,
St. Louis is talking about you! FYI Miss Raven has a new name (ten hour trailer trips generate a lot of talking time) and she is now Miss Flicka Frackney (due to her fabulous Friesian and Hackney breeding). At a carriage drive these pictures were taken (with someone else’s vehicle) and put up on the Gateway Harness Club facebook page. And now they are all discussing your farm and sharing your website. You are definitely winning more “Friends” in St. Louis. Next we need show pictures! Oh, and do tell Monroe how pleased we are with her?
Take care, Lonnie

Hello Ted and Kathy,
I purchased Loki, the black Missouri Fox Trotter, from your farm almost four months ago. He is doing terrific. I am so glad that you decided to keep him to train and that I was fortunate enough to find him. We suit each other. He likes his new home and is happily pastured with five geldings. I know that you like to make sure that the horses you sell are safely and properly tacked up
and I promised I would send an update to you. I kept your saddle-fitting advice in mind and found a leather saddle and pad that fits us both. It is a Tucker equitation endurance saddle with the enduro rigging, so it has an angled back cinch and stirrup leathers that are comfortable for my knees. It weighs 18 lbs., so it is easy for me to lift. I bought a leather breast collar that fits along the top of his shoulder angle. I use the bit that I purchased from you for trail riding. I tried a couple different saddle pads before I found one that Loki and I both liked. It just arrived today. It is a Tucker saddle pad by Cavallo. They just started manufacturing it. It has merino wool which seems to work the best for Loki. I thought I would share this information and picture with you since you have other middle age women buyers. All in all, Loki looks quite stylish and he rides just as good as he looks.  -Carleen

I cannot even begin to thank you for taking the time to make the video series from Windy Hill Farm. I am a 44 year old woman who has had a passion for horses my entire life. I have ridden (or so I thought) many, many times, but never had the pleasure of owning my own horse. Its is a life goal that I have yet to fulfill. Now that my son is grown and life has somewhat slowed down, it is slowly becoming a more obtainable goal for me. For that reason I have been fixated on watching videos and reading books so when the time comes I will be an educated owner and ready for such a huge responsibility. I have spent countless hours reading and watching videos and didn’t realize what a huge amount of time I had wasted until I found your videos. It was like “THATS IT!” That is what I intend to be, a horsemen (horsewoman) I don’t want to just own a horse, I want to gain a friend. A safe, reliable, healthy, well taken care of friend that hopefully gives me just as much joy as I give him. Im still not ready for the journey but THANK YOU for teaching me just how much it is going to be worth it! I intend to use your methods when the time comes and hopefully I can have the type of relationship that comes across on the screen that you have with Petey. Thank you once again, Ted. You will never know the impact you have had on this old woman’s dream.  -Sherri.

Many thanks to Ted, Cerise, Brittany, and all the staff at Windy Hill Farm for helping me fulfill a childhood dream. Santa always brought me a Breyer horse for Christmas as a little girl and I always dreamed of owning a live one. Finally, at age 61, I found my dream horse at Windy Hill Farm. Frosty is the most handsome and best behaved horse at my boarding barn. Ted and Cerise have helped me on the path to learning good horsemanship. Before Frosty, with only plastic horses, riding was only in my imagination. Now it is for real. Many thanks Windy Hill for making this fantasy come true.  -Diana

Rode both of our Windy Hill horses in the All Horse Parade in Delaware Ohio (the largest non-motorized parade east of the Mississippi), this past weekend. They did an awesome job! Had the best time!  -Satisfied Customer

I don’t know where to begin to express the gratitude I feel for the kind folks at Windy Hill Farm. After the first conversation I had with Ted, I knew that I had found the right place to help me find my next equine partner. My situation also had an extra element of challenge; I was looking to re-home a horse who needed an understanding and gentle hand to help him move forward in life. Ted showed me without a doubt that he and his staff at Windy Hill Farm were just the people to do this.

I drove from upstate New York to meet Ted and to participate in his Horsemanship Boot Camp. It was one of the best and most educational experiences of my life. During the boot camp, I met my new horse, River. Under head instructor Cerisse and Ted’s watch, River and I did everything from riding through an amazing obstacle course to cantering with no reins. It was a full day of learning that will last a lifetime.

River is home with me now and just looking at him makes my heart swell with happiness. If you are searching for a horse, Windy Hill is the place to go. Time, patience and a lot of love goes into the training and care of each and every horse that is brought up that long driveway. You can trust that the horse Ted finds for you is the one you are meant to have.

I could go on forever about my Windy Hill experience but my best advice is to just go and experience it for yourself. Give Ted a call. Watch the wonderful instructional videos he has on YouTube. Take the boot camp. I am positive that you will be happy you did.

Thank you Ted, Cerisse, Kathy, Monroe and everyone else at Windy Hill. You all do beautiful things for both horses and people.


Completely in love with this little pony, April.
When I started she was very nervous and wouldn’t let anyone really pet her and certainly hated having a saddle or saddle pad near her and in a few short hours I had this pony completely trusting me.
The work done at WindyHill farm is the most amazing and rewarding thing I’ve seen done with a horse and is way better than some $2.50 red ribbon! Its not at all about getting things done before show season but taking the time to do it right and getting the best results. I learned to know the difference between the horse being apprehensive and resistant and learned how to work through each with patience and understanding.
Thank you so much to Cerise, Mussen, and to Ted for showing me the ropes, it was an amazing experience.  -Satisfied Customer

River arrived yesterday evening safe and sound. He is a dream come true to me and there are not words fit to describe the complete and total gratitude I feel for Windy Hill Farm for bringing us together. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!  -Satisfied Customer

Ted, thank you, Monroe and all the staff at Windy Hill Farm for spending two days helping me get aquainted with my new horse, Dixie. it was wonderdul to see the thorough, patient training that goes into the making of your horses.  -Satisfied Customer

Hello Ted, Kathy and staff;
This is a real testament to the kind of horses you have for sale. It has been about a year since we got a lovely now 10 yr. old Haflinger mare from you named “Ruby”, (I call her “Ruby Tuesday”)
Though she got fed, brushed and attention Ruby spent a lot of time in the turnout and just today we finally got her out to hook up and drive.
What a great job Ruby did!! Drove around the back for a short time then out on the street, Ruby was interested in all around her but listened well and went right along! Just love her!
I have arthritis in my right knee that is getting troublesome but have no qualms about being around Ruby and handling her.
Attached are a few photos husband Dave took today he was the photographer, assistant and “navigator” on our drive. We plan to do lots more driving with Ruby this spring & summer, if we can get sled runners made for the cart will continue in the winter time.
Blessings to you all!
Kathy & Dave
Prince George, BC Canada

I so enjoyed buying a horse from Ted.  My Haflinger was everything Ted said he was.Healthy, well trained, smooth, gorgeous and a lovely personality on top of it.  He passed vet check with flying colors and has adjusted nicely to the warm climate that he live in now. Thank you Ted!   -Beatrice

About 6 years ago, my family decided that we needed another horse (we had 1 at the time) and so we began searching on the Internet for the perfect horse for us. About 5 months later and after riding about 7 different horses (some quite dangerous even though they were “bomb proof” in their add) we found windy hill. At this point we were pretty discouraged and thought we would never find a horse- nonetheless we took a long drive out to Amish country to go try some horses.
I had never been more inpressed in my life. Every horse we tried was like a breathing miracle; they were kind, gentle, quiet horses who looked so happy and trusting. We did everything on these horses we were trying, and we even jumped one bare back.
Naturally we left Ted’s with an amazing horse and companion (although choosing was impossible because they were all perfect). Since then we have purchased two more horses from Windy Hill, and every where we go, fellow equestrians are amazed at how gentle and behaved our horses are. 
I trust Ted and the entire windy Hill team with anything equine. They are all amazing people and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to know them.  If you or someone you know are looking for a safe, reliable, loving, and, dare I say, perfect horse: Go to Windy Hill.

From me and my family, Thank you Windy Hill for everything. You guys are really the best.


Hello Ted and the crew at Windy Hill!
Just wanted to share this pic of Norah (9yrs old) and Levi enjoying a beautiful fall day together! We LOVE our sweet Levi and are enjoying him so much!
Hope all is well at Windy Hill! Thanks Again!

Hi Kathy and Ted,
It has now been 1 year since we bought Pizza and I wanted to send you a quick update and a couple of pictures. We are doing FANTASTIC!!!! I now call him “Paxton” or “Pax” which means Peace in Latin. He has been a total blast to own and learn from. We are truly becoming real partners!! We are mostly working on our natural horsemanship skills but we also trail ride all the time. I truly feel so blessed to have Paxton in my backyard. He is such a stress reliever from all the hard work of being a wife and mother of (which I also enjoy very much :-)) He is also VERY ATHLETIC! We are working on some really cool liberty, freestyle and bridleless riding!! I am truly pleased and I just wanted you to know!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Heather and “Paxton”

Delilah (aka M&M) has been ever thing we ever wanted in a pony. Thanks again!
Addie & M&M

Hi Ted and Kathy from Beth.
Jay was enjoying the day today at Beaver Creek State Park. Here he is licking his lips after getting a drink.He just loves attention so he fits right in here.So far so good. He is a pleasure to be around and he and my Bailey get along like brothers.My friend Marge who came with me and you met, comes once a week and rides him with me and Bailey. She loves him too. Thanks again and I will keep in touch.

Hi Ted:
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Elvis is doing very well. Peggy has changed his name back to Carlton and is loving every minute with him. We have taken him out on several trail rides and worked him in the arena. He is adapting to the whole “dressage thing” extremely quickly. She is planning on showing him in July. Thank you for your hospitality and the wonderful horse that has made my client very happy and my life easier.

Hi Ted, Hope all is well out West!
I just wanted to check in and let you know the Gray horse is doing very well.
He’s settled in with the rest of the herd and he’s doing joust training three days a week. He can do most of the jobs now carrying an armored rider, and we’ve started running him head-to-head with other horses. He’s picking it all up without too much trouble, but we;re taking it slow anyway. We’ve worked with him at night with flaming swords for the Halloween show. That horse has absolutely no fear of fire. He tries to stick his nose in Tiki torches. I think he’ll be excellent for the night time joust show.

I took him to a joust show we did in Illinois last weekend. It was a fairly small show (just a couple thousand people overall) so it was a good chance to get him in front of a crowd. As I suspected, he was great, nothing bothers him. I’ve attached a few pics of him at work We used him as the mount for the Master of Ceremonies, so he just had to ride around and be on the field during the show.

He gets a couple weeks off now as I need to go do bigger shows in Boston and Fort Bragg North Carolina. After that I’ll pick him up and take him to Connecticut for five weeks of shows. Hopefully by the end of that show he’ll be jousting.
Anyway, I thought you’d be happy to know he’s working out really well. Thanks again for the great horse!
Paragon Jousting, LLC

Hi Ted
Hope all is well with you, your family and the crew at windy hill. Just wanted to thank you for Tiger. I
took him to Middlefield yesterday for an OHC trail ride and he was perfect. There were 18 horses, he
had to walk on the road to get to the trail, a horse and wagon came by us (a lot of the other horses
spooked) and he went thru a covered bridge. Then when we got back, he stood in the trailer with 2 other
horses while we ate lunch. He was sooooooo good, everyone (myself included) was so impressed with
him, and more so when they learned I had only had him for 4 days. I also met another windy hill farm
horse, a 6yr old red dun, he did a great job also.

He is settling in here very nicely, and he loves all the attention, I don’t even go out to catch him, I just
call and he comes running. It was a hard decision to make, keep my horses or get a new one, but I am
sure I made the right decision now.

Thank you again, it is not often you find honesty in the horse industry.
Have a wonderful day,


We bought a saddle from Windy Hill and Ted was most helpful in helping us to fit the horse as well as the rider. I think I sat in 15 different saddles and we tried many of these on my horse as well. Sitting in a saddle on a horse sometimes feels different than on a saddle stand. Ted has a lot of different saddles and styles. He suggested sitting in some that I thought I would not like and I was surprised at how some of these saddle sat. Trying a rough out seat and a smooth seat felt very different. I am very happy with my new saddle! The prices at Windy Hill are very reasonable, and having my horse there to try them all was so nice. Being indoors and out of the path of Hurricane Sandy made our saddle shopping fun! (of course anytime spent in a tack shop is fun)
Thanks again for your hospitality.
Ed and Annette

I bought Zeffer from Ted and out of the forty or so horses he is by far the best trained. I saw his video and traveled from Virginia to get him and after seven months his training is as good as when I bought him. A real pleasure on the ground and in the saddle. Ted seems to have a good eye for choosing horses, and his staff is really talented at training them. We like his training so much that we just took one of my wife’s saddlebreds to him for training.  I should say that I have been a horseshoer for thirty eight years and have had horses for most of my life. My wife is a pony club “B” and is a past DC. It has taken me this long to realize the value of good training. Check out Zeffer’s YouTube video, second from the last in ‘horses for sale’ (now under ‘sold horses’). He is really that good.            John

I just wanted to let you know how things were going with Vegas. We took her to her first show. She did great. Vegas was real quiet
at the show and seemed to adjust to her surroundings quickly.  Thanks very everything and all of the time you spent with us.
Dixie, Pennsylvania

I would like to thank all of you for this yearling. He made the trip just fine, it took us a little over 4 hours. He seems to have adjusted well to stall life and he is very interested in all the other horses. He seems to really enjoy being groomed and is very good about letting me clean his feet. We will keep you updated on him. Thank you Kathy for the newborn pictures what a treat that was. Again thank you very much, he will be well taken care of.

Sincerely, Chris, Michigan

Hi, Just wanted you to know we got home safe. Hickory did great. Amy just couldn’t bring herself to go to school. She needed a day with him. The other horses settled in fine with him. It took a few bites and kicks. They are all out napping now. Thank you so much for your time. I think Amy has found a life long friend. He seems to like her and like it here. If she needs and advice I will have her get in touch with you. Thanks again for everything.   Cindy, PA

Thanks a lot for selling Red to me. You could have sold him to anyone, but you waited to find the perfect person for him. Red and I are doing great. We are working on showmanship and getting on the right lead when he canters. Maybe soon we can come up to your indoor arena and you can see all the progress he’s made. Hope to see you soon.
Kathrine, Ohio

I just wanted to let you know how “queenie” is doing. Which her name is now “Bella”. She is awesome! to say the least, I just love her! Hate to say it but you were right! I ride her about 4 to 5 times a week with absolutely no trouble at all. She’s perfect for me! Thank you so much!   Wanda, OH

Alexis loves Sonny. He is an awesome horse. Alexis rode him on Saturday when she returned. She was speechless. She has ridden every day since she returned home. She’s showing him on the 19th here in a club/NRHA show and again on the 19th of September in Ogden, UT.

Michelle, Idaho

I wanted to let you know Hammer, now known as Dakota is doing great! He and my daughter have really bonded, he is great! Thank You!

Thanks Scott, OH

Ted & Kathy,
Well we got him home ok. We brought him to the arena and Susan’s 10 year old daughter Cheyenne just loves him. He is definitely a babysitter.
Glad to have him.

Ron & Susan, OH

Hi Ted 
We are having a great time with the mare we bought from you. We have had her on 2 overnight trail rides and are really enjoying her.

Thanks Dave, OH

Fly is doing great. I took him to a penning yesterday and took first in both the open penning and sorting. I get compliments on him everywhere he goes. He is awesome. He was well worth the money, and more.
Thanks Mark, NY.


Hey Ted, Just a quick one to say Gunner (Harriet) is doing great. You were right.I just love her. What wonderful training you put on her. Either you taught her leg yields or she learned in 4 minutes. She just adores Ozzie and is settling into her new routine well. My face hurts from smiling.   Thank you again, Erin.

Hello!!… a couple months ago i bought an amazing mare from a sale barn in ct… upon some research i found out your farm owned her… she is a lovely mare and if you can i would love some info on her… since i had her ive been showing her all around in wp, halter, showmanship, horsemanship, road hack, and trail (which she excells at!!)…i actually just got my first blue ribbon on her in trail this past show…. ive shown local and AQHA shows…thanks and i hope to hear from you soon!    Michelle

I’ve had such a positive experience with the little buckskin gelding (Elvis) I bought at the Lexington Trail Horse Sale in Feb. ’06 that I wanted to write you. I’ve logged hundreds of hours on him this summer/fall in the mountains of WV and he never let me down once. He did back over a cliff into a river and had to swim downstream (I bailed), but it was partly due to operator error and no harm done. For as young as he is, he’s so cooperative and laid back. I can tell he was well-treated from babyhood – no fear of people or their antics. With that deep pit and scar on his forehead, someone got him through a significant head injury without being head shy – quite an accomplishment. I’ve had him at a couple of horse shows just for fun, and he does the trail horse class like an old man. We even pulled a very heavy log last week and he acted like he’d done it all his life! I haven’t found anything that scares him and I’ve had him in some very hairy situations that other horses go ballistic in. I’m not young anymore and he takes good care of me. I said I would never buy a horse at an auction, I wasn’t going to buy a young horse and the next horse I got would be gaited. I bought Elvis at an auction, he was a very young 4 yr. old and definitely not gaited and I couldn’t be more pleased. I did, however, change his name to Tucker.  Thanks, Diana

Dear Ted & Kathy,
Mark and I are very excited about bringing Monkey home into our family! She captured our hearts with her sweet disposition, and we are looking forward to the pleasure of riding her!
All the best, 
Amy & Mark, Ohio

Dear Mr. DeHass,
Lee is a great horse and does very well in english and western. I have been practicing with him on lower jumps and he doesn’t care a bit. Recently I went on a trail ride with Lee, and he did wonderful! There was logs throughout the trail that I wanted to jump over, and so did Lee, and we did. He jumps very easily into the jumps and is very smooth. Our vet LOVED him. He thinks he is going to be a great horse, and so do I. When I go into the pasture to get him he trots right over to me. He has a very nice lope and puts his head down very low. He gets along great with our other horses. I am very grateful that we got him! He is a very special horse to me. I know he will expand in many great things with me.
Thank you so much!
Taylor, Ohio

I just wanted to update you on Amy. She has been running a winter series. She is doing awesome! She is in first place in youth barrels, third in novice horse barrels,and fourth in open 3D barrels in the second divison. She won the novice horse class last week. There is one more show in April. They will have an awards dinner in May. There is awards for the top five in every divison. A BIG beautiful buckle for first !!! that she would love to win. She has been doing lessons this winter, it has been great for both of them. She can take him in our arena put some draw reins and practice pleasure. He will collect himself and do an awesome pleasure jog.He has just been the best horse for her. She is now looking at colleges for a 4 year Vet Tech program . She would love to take him with her. Some of the schools offer college rodeo.  -Amy’s Mother

Hi Ted & Kathy!
Hope you are doing well. Glad it’s spring? Just wanted to give you an update on Winston (I know, Sport). Anyhow, he’s doing great. His dressage work is coming along nicely. He’s a very quick learner, once you show him how to do something, he does it. He’s very smart! Lisa thinks we should be able to show Training Level this summer. Went on his first trail ride this morning, about 50 minutes. He was VERY WELL behaved! Never looked at a thing. He seems to like that better than arena work. I am very happy with him.   Thanks you guys! Jen & Winston

PS, he’s finally figured out peppermints are pretty good….

Hi! Hope you are doing well! Sport seems to be settling in and doing fine. He is figuring out what carrots and apples are as he is getting plenty of them. Rode him today and yesterday and he is doing great. Hasn’t looked at a thing! Thanks for your help in finding this neat horse! Take care! Jen

Ted, I’m glad you emailed, I was just getting ready to send you an update today. Trey is fantastic! He got here just fine after being pestered by a yearling appy much of the way here. He has the best attitude and is so great to work with and be around. I’ve spent almost every waking hour since he got here at the barn – he’s probably getting sick of me being around though he doesn’t show it, bless his heart. He’s in a large run and has a bunch of neighbors he seems to like alright. As you said, he seems to enjoy his job immensely. He hacks great and I was happy to learn that he has auto changes. I have jumped him several times now (nothing big or complicated) and he just lights up at that. You can feel his excitement and it makes him so enjoyable t o ride. He got new shoes yesterday and handled that well (not that I expected him not to) and he’s getting chiropracted today to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. I have attached a few pictures and will continue to send more if you would like. Depending on where we are, our first show may be the weekend of April 21st.

Thanks! Amanda-Trey went to Colorado and was bought Sight Unseen

Hi Ted – just wanted you to know that Bud is doing very well. He settled in quickly and everyone loves him. I had my 2nd lesson on him this a.m. and he was terrific! He gives an honest effort and I am amazed at how much he has picked up from last week to this week. His trot work was excellent. He is smart – in a good way! Bud is just so loveable and kind. Thanks for everything Ted – enjoy the warmer weather! Beth

Hi Guys, It was nice to hear from you all. Glad things are going well at Windy Hill. We have been so happy with Oprah. She has been just as
you said she would be. We all enjoy her. I am trying to talk my wife into getting another cow horse to go team penning with me. Haven’t quite
accomplished that yet. If we do, I would like to come out and see some that you have broke and started. Hope things continue to go well for you
and please keep us on your newsletter list.
Michael, Tracy, Sarah & Nathan – Washington, PA

PS. Michael got his wish, Tracy recently bought a mare from us named Shiloh

Just wanted to write and let you know that Dually (formerly Macon) is fitting in just fine here in Georgia! He’s loving the weather and even shedding off some of that winter coat! I took him to a ranch rodeo this past weekend and he was a huge hit… no one could believe he was only 3! I’ve also taken him trail riding and have been throwing a rope off of him and he just takes it all in stride. At the rodeo during the sorting, he was getting into it so much that he was literally nickering to the COWS! Too funny!  Here’s some pictures of Dually and I from this past weekend, just wanted to let you know how much we love him! My only problem is that my mom keeps claiming him as HER horse…
Heidi in Georgia

Hi Ted,
I just wanted to thank you again for Dually. Yesterday he passed one more test with me when I rode him bareback with a halter…what a guy! I also worked some cattle on him (with a saddle on, of course). He is very cowy. You guys represented this horse very well. He is everything I expected and more. He arrived in California in great shape. I did have our horse chiropractor look him over and he did get some minor adjustments, but after a 2600 mile trailer ride, I’d need some adjusting too. He has had wonderful training and has excellent ground manners and behavior. For people wondering
about purchasing a horse “sight unseen” from across the country, sometimes you just have to go with your gut and your heart, make a few phone calls, do some internet research, and jump in. This is a really nice horse; everyone who has seen him and/or watched him being ridden/worked has wonderful things to say about him. Somehow, I was lucky enough to come across your website and I really appreciate doing business with you. Have a great year and let me know if you come across any other horses of Dually’s status.    Thanks. Fiina in California

After looking at different horses for over 4 months, I had come to the conclusion that horse people weren’t really forthcoming. Then I came across your website for Dehass horses and Windy Hill Farm. I decided to call you to see if what the website stated was really true. We spoke a couple of times on the phone and in emails and I liked what you had to say. I went to Windy Hill with an open mind, hoping that I wouldn’t be disappointed once again. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised that everything you had told me about yourself, Windy Hill and the horses were all true and then some!

It has been about a month now since I purchased Oreo from you. You had said on the website that Oreo was trail horse, crosses anything, very willing to please. Not only is he a great riding horse, he also drives with ease. Very traffic safe, not a horse that is always looking to spook. Oreo is a one of a kind type of horse. Well, I have to disagree with you– he is even better than you described! He is exactly what I had been looking for, he is a one of a kind type horse.

I took your advice and had some lessons on him, we worked on my balance and seat, I even said my A,B,C’s like you suggested and I became more relaxed while riding. I even purchased a used Cleburne saddle. We have been on several trail rides and he went over and through everything without hesitating or spooking like some of the horses.

At the boarding facility, the Barn Manager put Oreo out with 6 geldings he hadn’t met before. When I arrived, I went out to bring him in to ride and when I went outside I couldn’t believe my eyes. The geldings had run him into the fence and both of his back legs were tangled up in the fence. He was down on this side and wasn’t moving. I yelled for the Owner and he had to cut the wire fence in order to get Oreo out. Oreo did not struggle or move the entire time. The Owner of the barn commented that any other horse would have been severally injured and Oreo came away with just a scratch. Because you had worked with and trained Oreo with hobbles, he knew he had to stand still until someone came over to him.

Just about everyone who has met Oreo comments on what a good horse he is. They all know where I found him, becauseI tell everyone about what a great experience it was dealing with you and Windy Hill Farm. I just wanted to thank you again for all of your patience with this first time horse buyer.
Even after I brought Oreo home, if I would call you with questions, you would make yourself available to me. You, Tiffany, Clarence and Adam made me feel like part of your family and I thank you for that.

Best regards,
Columbus, Ohio

Hey Ted and Kathy,
Just wanted to let you know the horses are doing great!!
Chuck is so calm at times we think there is something wrong with him!! He falls asleep on the crossties! He has also become Jessicas trail horse. He crosses anything and is as honest as the day is long. I tease her and tell her forget Pony Club she has her next trail/pleasure horse. Hoping he’ll be ready for her to show this season. Rio has adjusted well and has figured out “this is the LIFE!” He has turned out to have a personality and a half- something I didn’t expect. He loves to run and play in the field, around the pond, up and down the hills and he eats everything in sight- including the sticker bushes! Very odd, but he is a character. Has been great under saddle even though I haven’t had much time to ride due to my Moms surgery. No disappointment! Can’t wait for the weather to get better so we can spend more time riding.
Just wanted to tell you all Thanks again! Hope you and yours stays healthy and safe for the New Year! We look forward do doing business with you in the years to come- don’t forget Emily is going to need her all arounder soon!       Thanks again,  Sue and Tony

Hi Ted,
Just wanted to update you on our trip with Gidget.
As you know, I got back into horses because my grandson loves it and needs a trail partner. Being older, and a little more cautious, I just couldn’t find a horse that I felt safe and comfortable with. My grandson has a great horse and I needed one like him. I bought a few horses that were advertised as great for kids or beginners and they just didn’t work out. Not as advertised for sure. When I saw one of your horses on Equine.com, it really appealed to me and I must have viewed all of the videos several times over and still couldn’t decide who I liked the best.
After our trip to your farm and riding several horses, although all were very nice horses, Gidget just clicked with me. She was attentive, kind, listening for the next command and I really felt “in sync” with her.

Although I was insistent that I didn’t want a mare, she is the absolute best horse I have ever owned. I have taken her trail riding several times with my grandson and felt totally at ease and comfortable on her. She is well behaved and well trained. At my age, she is as safe as a horse can be, and we are just thrilled. I was a little nervous at first that she would be like the other horses I have bought but she is exactly what you said. Also, I am so glad that we bought the saddle and full tack that she is used to. I always thought that the hard seat ranch saddles looked so uncomfortable and I wanted padding in the seat but this saddle is so good that I’m never sore and my knees don’t hurt at all! It amazes me since I don’t ride every day.

We went on a four day trail ride over Memorial Day weekend and I never hurt. We had a great time, Gidget was awesome on the trail, and Brandon won the Youth Extreme Trail Rider Championship for the second year in a row! It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Thanks again Ted for a wonderful, well trained companion!

Hi Ted this is Katie, We have been working with Joey and he is now jumping higher than 2 foot. I recently took Joey to his first pony club camp. Their we did dressage, show jumping, and cross country. We found out that Joey LOVES cross country and will jump anything I ask him to. I also took him to a rally and in show jumping we got forth and in dressage we got first. He is one of the best ponies EVER!!! I will send you more pictures as I get them!!:)    Thanks, Katie:)

Bingo has settled in on our farm and is truly a perfect fit! He gets along with my other gelding as though they have been pasture mates
for a lifetime-no bullying, no biting, just buddies. Bingo approached our llama with extreme curiosity, but has
already decided that the llama is no threat and they graze near each other with no problem. Last night,my friend Ron joined me for our first trail ride together. Bingo was a perfect gentleman and I feel completely safe on him. I learned so much from you and your team at Windy Hill Farm
in just a few short hours, and came home with a horse that suits me perfectly. Bingo will have a home forever with me. Thank you.

Hi Ted and Kathy,
When I met Kathy and Ted DeHass on the TV Show America’s favorite trail horse, I got to watch Kathy perform her lovely mare BLUE over some obstacles that really gave other competitors trouble. She just cruised through everything with a what are you worried about look on the horse’s face as though the horse was quietly training in their own back yard. When Ted sent me some pictures of horses for sale, horse after horse was either a tiny little cutie, or a big bold show horse. I was coming back from injury, and years off riding, and asked Ted to give me the quietest one he
had. Well laugh! I suddenly realised that I wasn’t scared of riding. I was scared of bad horses. This little chestnut horse was a darling. Hopefully he’ll have a perfect horse like that ready for me when I’m old and had it! It was on my 2nd visit I spotted Saint. I was actually looking at another lovely black horse up there, but Saint looked at me with these amazing eyes, and was with me the minute I met him. He was also a little smaller, and the other horse I could imagine at Police Championships or something like that with a great big gentleman rider, and looking fantastic. But Saint was perfect for me. And, boy have we had some nightmares! Saint was brought down from Ohio safely arriving all the way in Colorado, and arrived safe, sound and sane. He was only on CO for about 10 days before we packed him in the trailer to go to North Carolina for a clinic! We load him up, and not 10 mins down the road thump, thump….. We pull over and we’ve blown a tire…right underneath Saint’s feet. My husband Nick pulls over in the Hardware Store in Pagosa Springs, CO and buys an angle grinder, starts the generator directly underneath Saint’s feet, and angle grind a piece of steel off the side of the trailer. Saint didn’t move. He just kept looking at me, like you feed me, and we’re good. He was so well trained, I just couldn’t believe it! But, Ted and the riders at Windy Hill had kept his spirit! I really do want to go now, in front of crowds of thousands of people. But I want CONTROL. And in Saint’s training, we have the spectacular and a perfect marriage of both! I don’t even know what to say about Windy Hill’s training, and their horses, except GO THERE and SEE FOR YOURSELF! Sure, my Saint is a rare gem in thousands of horses, but as far as training, Windy Hill has little Saint, big Saint and spotty Saint. What I like about Windy Hill is that if they think you can’t handle that horse, they’ll tell you. If they think there’s something wrong, you;ll know it. And, they’ll find you the RIGHT horse for you. I trust their training 100%. It’s an honor to know them, and call them friends!
Love you guys! Colleen and Nick

I wanted to write to thank you again for providing me with 2 excellent horses. I had been looking for some time to find a well trained, quiet, and responsive horse. I wasn’t having much luck until I stumbled across your web site. After speaking with you I flew out and bought my first horse from you, Okie. He was such a great purchase I came out again and bought Patrick.  Since then both horses have been doing trail and ring work with no problems. My main goal, however, was to get them ready to foxhunt. Both of them have since performed extremely well in the hunt field. Nothing bothers them. Not even having hounds running around and under them. I have had several members of the hunt inquire where I found them. They may be making a trip to see you soon to check out something for themselves.  I have enclosed a picture of opening hunt. I am on Okie on the extreme right and a friend of mine is on Patrick on the extreme left.   Leo

Hi Ted and Kayla,
Allie and I wanted to update you on Paris. She is an awesome horse and is great horse for Allie. Allie has rode her almost everyday since we brought her home. Paris does whatever Allie asks her to do. They are a perfect match. We also want to thank both of you again for taking time helping Allie ride Paris on that very cold 1 degree day! We will send you updated pictures of Paris this Spring/Summer. Thanks again for such a great horse and Kayla thank you for your knowledge in training her to be an excellent horse.    
Jill and Allie

If it were not for the owners and staff at Windy Hill Farm, I would not be riding today. I am an older, new rider whose only experience was riding a lesson horse around an arena, which I soon found out was nothing like owning a horse. I had many difficulties and encountered even more obstacles, but thanks to their expert advice and training. I have had the most wonderful rides with this horse and continue to learn and communicate better with him. I could not have done this on my own. I don’t have the knowledge or ability and would have had to quit. They chose the right horse for me: calm, patient and forgiving. I recommend Windy Hill Farm for their expertise and sincere committment to what they are doing.    Linda & Skeeter

I have had the most fun with Dakota. I had only dreamed about having a horse like her, until now ! She’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me ! Thank you so much!: Amy

I bought Stylish Frisco from Windy Hill Farm in the spring of 2006. Frisco was 5 years old and had about $2,400 in NCHA earnings. I didn;t know anything about cutting except that I was hooked and wanted to do it for the rest of my life. I looked at Frisco and one other horse and knew Frisco was the horse for me. Ted and Kathy really know a horse and know how to pair them with a rider. Frisco has always been a gentleman. I started showing him in 2007. He’s been a great teacher and once I learned what he knew we were a great team in the cutting pen. Along with the help of my trainer and husband, Jack McDonald, Frisco and I have won High Point Horse, Champion in the $35,000 Non Pro, Reserve Champion in the Non Pro and 3rd in the $15,000 Novice Non Pro for the Ohio Cutting Horse Association. We also won a Championship Saddle in the $35,000 Non Pro and Spurs for Reserve Champion in the Non Pro class in the CS Cutters Show Circuit. All that was just for 2013! Since 2007 Frisco and I have won several other championships, top 5 in classes and top 10 high point horse awards from the Ohio Cutting Horse Assoc. Frisco is 13 years old now and has $16,000+ NCHA earnings. Thank you Windy Hill Farm for this WONDERFUL HORSE!

Hi Ted,
Wanted to give you an update on Skye (formerly Wendy). Justine decided to focus on dressage this year instead of eventing. She’s gone to 3 recognized dressage shows and Skye is qualified for regionals in training and first level. She is making improvement daily with getting a rounder stride, more jump in the canter and getting a bigger extended trot. She seems to have an inner dressage star! The judges always comment on her lovely attitude. At the last huge show (5 rings) one of the judge’s told Justine she was going to steal her. Justine is also showing Mikey – the horse she had a set back on leading us to buy Skye as a confidence booster. She is doing great on both. She shows them “against” each other (meaning they compete in the same class and division)and we love it when they go first and second. Skye even beat Mikey in a class at the last show and that is hard to do. We are going to do regionals at the Equestrian Olympic park in Georgia. We are moving to our farm in NC next month.
Skye continues to be treasured. She gets what we consider to be the best feed, supplements, care and equipment. Not to mention the daily grooming and $36 bag stud muffins that she prefers as her treats! We consider her one of the family. Justine rated C1 in pony club in eventing this spring and is getting ready to do her western C1. Not too many horses that you can come home from a dressage show on and run a reining pattern on! We love this pony to the moon and back again. You said I’d thank you every day if I bought this pony and I still do. We thank God as well that he has blessed us so dearly with her in our lives.

Ya Hoo! Wonderful!!! Please tell Sammy thank you for me!! I’m assuming Ellie, the dark bay, is the one he rode…?
Thanks Ted .. Happy tears are flowing… You made my day!! Yesterday, Noble Porky & I went for a ride ( in the Royal Carriage), in the indoor arena and then outside around the barn! I had a smile from ear to ear … Then the laughter came. A friend is helping me with the cart etc… Your video is excellent!!! We keep referring to it… Porky is showing a lot of compassion and sensitivity toward children and adults! He is perfect for my new program… Thank you again! Darlene

Hi Ted and all, Jim and I rode Sammy and Jabez at Malibar State Park last Tues. They did great. Jim and I were off last week and were able to do lots of trail riding. It was so much fun. Hope everyone is doing well. We loved the photo of Levi on Celtic! Tell everyone Hi from us. Blessings, Lee and Jim

Hi Ted, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we are enjoying Poncho!! He has been a perfect gentleman from day one. He fit right in and has been great to ride. We had a few cantering issues at first till we figured each other out but that’s improving everyday! Thank you again I couldn’t be happier with him and of course my daughter is crazy about him too! Regards, Tracey

Ted, just had a great trail ride on Jessie. Gates, dogs, goats, grates-nothing bothers him. He has a nice walk and fast trot
on the trails. What a lovely guy!! -Pat