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Windy Hill Farm specializes in selling safe, usable horses and ponies to those who appreciate the value of a good horse.  “Enjoy a horse finished by a Horseman!”  Purchase with confidence at Windy Hill Farm and reach your fullest potential as horse owner/rider at our Horsemanship Bootcamp!   Click here for the details and watch the video for a preview of the program.

Will trade and ship anywhere! We are grateful to our loyal customers for their confidence in us.  Some of their photos sent with their testimonials are featured below.  View their testimonials in its entirety!

  • "Well, I could go on and on. I have already had 2 people in the barn ask if I will lease him… ha so funny!" -Lonnie
  • "Watch the wonderful instructional videos he has on YouTube. Take the boot camp. I am positive that you will be happy you did." -Jessica
  • "So privileged to have one of your horses! Saint is my dream come true." -Laura
  • "Just wanted to share with you the Mother's Day Fun we had with our Windy Hill Horses!!" -Heather & Audrey
  • "Thanks for all the work you put into her!" -Jan

Videos of Horses for Sale

We have one of the largest selections of safe, usable horses and ponies in the USA.  All of our horses are hand picked, put through a Traditional Classical Horsemanship program, and finished by experienced horseman in a non-forceful way.  We train the horse’s mind first!

Give Ted a call at (330) 231-7500 to go over your horsemanship needs.  The following video is the latest Horse For Sale.  View the whole playlist of horses for sale.  Subscribe to our YouTube channels: Windy Hill Farm and Handy Horseman!

Horses For Sale Links

At all times, we have many horses for sale that we have no photos or videos on yet, so be sure to contact us!

Some of the horses that have been through our program are featured below.

Friend and follow us for the latest updates on our farm and our Horsemanship!


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Horse Riding Accomplishments:

“Blue” America’s Favorite Trail Horse # 352

 Kathy’s Journey With Christian



Handy Horseman YouTube channel

The goal of this channel is to preserve Classical and Traditional Horsemanship techniques. Learn to be a horseman in a safe, practical way and visit the Handy Horseman YouTube Channel!  Click on the video below to view Ted’s detailed description of this FREE, valuable resource: