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Windy Hill Farm specializes in selling safe, usable horses and ponies to those who appreciate the value of a good horse.  “Enjoy a horse finished by a Horseman!”  Buy your next horse with confidence at Windy Hill Farm.

Will trade and ship anywhere! We are grateful to our loyal customers for their confidence in us.  View their testimonials on the right and their pictures below!

  • "So privileged to have one of your horses! Saint is my dream come true." -Laura

Videos of Horses for Sale

We have one of the largest selections of safe, usable horses and ponies in the USA.  All of our horses have been hand picked and put through a Traditional Classical Horsemanship program, finished by experienced horseman in a non-forceful way.  We train the horse’s mind first.

Give Ted a call at (330) 231-7500 to go over your horsemanship needs.  There are many horses available that are not featured in the videos.  The following video is the latest Horse For Sale video.  You may view the whole playlist of the horses we have available for sale by clicking here.  Be sure to subsribe to our YouTube channels: Windy Hill Farm and Handy Horseman!

Horses For Sale

At all times, we have many horses for sale that we have no pictures or videos on, be sure to contact us!

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Horse Riding Accomplishments:

“Blue” America’s Favorite Trail Horse # 352

 Kathy’s Journey With Christian



Past & Future Endeavors

Kathy DeHass recently bred and sold four out of five beautiful Miniature American Eskimo puppies, another passion of our farm!  For details on the last puppy available for sale, please call Kathy at:  330-763-0623.  We’d like to thank the selective and wonderful new owners for providing the deserving homes.  We’re also grateful to ALL followers of this journey by spreading the word, pictures, videos AND joy of these puppies to the world!  If you’ve missed it, check out our Facebook posts and Website for all the details.  We look forward to the next opportunity of breeding and raising great quality puppies!